Fall belly dance classes

Are you a girl and want to learn oriental belly dance?

Then you can dance in our studio at Möllan, with Swedish star Selina!

Septembers class schedule is up and soon also Octobers. The idea is that you should be able to train for Selina the whole fall. With exceptions for when she travels to the Middle East to perform. Dance classes will be monthly.

Belly dancer Selina Sevil

Professional belly dancer, International artist, Dance teacher & Judge

With curves in the right places, a deep knowledge of oriental dance and an impressive track record of teaching and performing around the world, Swedish born by Selina Sevil is preparing to conquer the oriental dance world.

Boasting an exotic mix of traditional Middle eastern dance movements, the latest “haute couture costumes” and Swedish beauty, her performances are unforgettable and unmatched.

With her exceptional talent and genuine passion for her craft and a long list of performances for royalties, politicians and celebrities Selina Sevil has become one of the most recognized and sought after oriental dancer in Scandinavia.

Dansöz – Belly dance classes at Mollan in Malmo

Our belly dance classes are held in modern dance studios at Bergsgatan next to the chocolate factory at Mollan. Our dance teachers specializes in belly dance and have been performing professionally for many years. We have beginner belly dance classes, advanced belly dance classes and a show group- Everyone, regardless of age and dance level are welcome to belly dance at Dansöz. Welcome to Dansöz.

Belly dance in Malmo

Belly dancer & Dance classes

We assume you have found our site because you like belly dance. Here we will tell you about all we offer from the belly dance world. Maybe you want to start belly dancining, buy beautiful dance clothes or book a belly dance performance for your party. We have all information you need. If you have any questions.
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Selina’s Bazaar

Belly dance shop with quality products online

We offer products from the Orient to oriental dancers around the world. The products are hand picked from the Middle East in the highest quality so you can pamper the belly dancer in you. Our collections are constantly updating. Right now we have a collection with beautiful hand dyed silk veils, morroccan thobes for cover up or oriental dance from the Gulf and hip scarves with coins at a great price! 


Since I was little, I always loved belly dancing. I moved from Eskilstuna to Malmo in 2008 just because I found Dansöz - the best belly dance school and Selina Sevil - a so incredibly talented and professional belly dancer.The dance trip with Selina and her students to Turkey was a dream for me, a week full of new new experiences and lots of belly dance. I think Selina is very thorough when teaching belly dance. And she makes it so comfortable to dance in a group. I'm so incredibly grateful for those 3 years with Selina filled of laughter, love and dance. With everything I learned and all the nice people I met from the dance. It was the best years of my life!
Belly dancer Stella
Professional belly dancer in Los Angeles
I have had the pleasure of inviting Selina Sevil two times to Layali Oriental Dance Academy in Stockholm to hold workshops and perform. It was really a stroke of luck! Selina is both a great performer and a phenomenal educator, a combination that is not so common. Both the participants and the audience was lyrical, and we are many who hope she will be back soon !
Ann Larsson
Professional belly dancer, teacher in oriental dance & owner of Layali dance school / Layali Orientaliska Dansakademi

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Just like in the classic Arabic story "Thousand and one nights" we open our doors with the frase: "Open sesame"! Embrace the glitter!

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