Belly dance classes

Lets belly dance!

  • A fun workout every Sunday
  • Real oriental belly dance
  • Amazing dance studio
  • Only girls classes
  • A pro instructor
  • Great prices

Belly dance class schedule

Our belly dance classes

We just released our workshops with veil. See you in the dance studio 29/4! Our 10 week classes for this semester have already started but we do have a few spots left. Grab one to a discounted price!

Join our belly dance classes in Malmö with the Swedish dance star Selina! The classes are for girls only and we dance in a closed studio. So even those wearing hijab can dance in a comfortable environment with us.

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Dansöz dance teacher Selina Sevil

Selina has an imaginative and inventive approach to teaching dance. She has high levels of energy, a bubbly personality and a keen interest in oriental dance.

As someone who is committed to nurturing each student to maximise their dance potential, she can be relied upon to go the extra mile to achieve results.

As a true professional she goes out of her way to understand the individual needs of her students and works hard to bring out their inner potential. Selina recognises that no student can be successful without support and therefore goes out of her way to guide them in any way that she can.

She plans, prepares and delivers engaging and tailored lessons that develop students of all levels. At her dance school she uses different teaching styles to get the best out of her students.

It is important for Selina not only to teach technique. She informs about the dance’s history and dance today in the Middle East. She says: “The best dancers are not the ones who perform technique the best, but those who understand the origin of the technique. Only then can you dance oriental dance with feeling. And oriental dance is feelings is in movements.”

Read more about Selinas: merits, dance education and international career.

Where Selina was teaching

Selina has ben teaching oriental dance at many dance schools and organizations in Sweden.

She has also been invited to several countries to teach oriental dancers at dance festivals.


  • Fantasia Festival (England)
  • Danish Open Bellydance (Denmark)
  • Denmarks magdansskola (Denmark)
  • Euro Raks Festival (Poland)
  • Khan-El-Khalili Festival (Germany)
  • Jwaad Festival (England)
  • Egyptian Feever Festival (Poland)
  • AAOD organization (Denmark)
  • Dansöz dansskola (Sweden)
  • Forum Gym (Sweden)
  • Ataturk organisation (Sweden)
  • Salsa Sabrosa dansskola (Sweden)
  • Malmö sjukhus (Sweden)
  • Malmö stadshus (Sweden)
  • Orientaliskt danscenter (Sweden)
  • Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (Sweden)
  • Lady Fitness Center (Sweden)
  • Layali dance school (Sweden)
  • Belly Dance China (China)
  • Cafe La Danse (Dubai)
  • Malmoe public schools (Sweden)

Terms, Conditions & FAQ

Useful information to read before you sign up for our belly dance classes. When signing up for a belly dancing class with us, you agree to the terms below.

Try a class

You can try a lesson for 130:-. if it is so that the course is not fully booked. If a course is fully booked it says so at the course schedule on the website. If you register to the course 100:– is down from the course fee.

Dance studio

Dansöz  weekly classes are Bergsgata 29. Addresses and maps can be found in the menu under “Contact”. Dansöz may change to another dance studio if needed. The details regarding changing studios will be sent to you via email / if the change will be made shortly before the class starts you will find a written note with the details in the entrance of the studio mentioned in the class description. The dance studio Dansöz rents for weekly classes and workshops have changing rooms and shower rooms. However, it is common that students choose to change clothes in the dance studio.

Incase of illness

Dansöz reserves the right to change instructors or extend the term of the course’s if the dance teacher becomes sick.

If you are ill or absence from the course, you don’t need inform Dansöz. Since your registration is binding we reserve a spot for you and won’t give that spot away to someone else. Once you register at your course a spot is reserved for you until the end of the term, no matter how many times you participate.


When a registration to dance classes or workshops is made we reserve a spot for you. Registration is binding, which means that you commit to paying the belly dance course and can not cancel it for any reason regardless as to why you can not take part in the belly dancing course or workshop. It can only be cancelled according to the rules on online cancellation (see below). This applies to all belly dancing courses and workshops without exception.

Online cancelation right. The right means you can undo your registration by sending an email to this within 14 days after we confirmed the registration. If you take back your registration no later than one week before the course starts, you will be charged an administration fee of 250 SEK. If such notification is made less than a week before the start date you will be charged half the course fee. If the course has started and you have participated in a class, you have agreed to waive your right to cancel. If you cancel the course when it starts, you are required to pay the full course fee.

It is the student’s responsibility to plan their training schedule in good time and if the student can’t attend their registered classes there is no compensation.


You pay online when you sign up for the class. You can pay with credit card or PayPal (no need for a PayPal account t check out). If you do not pay for your course or membership in time Dansöz will send a reminder invoice with a reminder fee of 50: – to the student’s email. If this bill is not paid the debt will be sent to dept collectors.

How to dress

Most girls wear leggings, a comfortable top and something to wrap around their hips. We dance barefoot. Tops, workout clothes for belly dancing and various hip scarves are available for purchase at the class.


Membership costs 50:- per year. This payment is made either by itself for those who just want to be a member of or in connection with the payment for the course / activity you registered for.

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