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A blog about oriental dance

By Professional Belly dancer Selina Sevil

Good morning belly dancers

Just a full day of belly dance It's Saturday and I have no belly dance performances tonight (actually performing tomorrow but that's a later post). This does not mean that the day is not full of dance to dos anyway. Something I really don't like even if I kinda get it...

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Spring feelings!

Woke up feeling happy I don't ever think you stop grieving after you lost someone. But I know I'm handling the pain better now since I don't wake up sad anymore. For almost a year I have been opening my eyes and they are full of tears. And my mind full of memories of...

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Did you miss these beauties?

Abayas from Morocco Can be used for Khaliji dance or as a cover up over your belly dance costume. Gorgeous Moroccan design. Join the VIP-list below to receive more details. xoxo Selina Belly dance VIP-list Those who are on the list get info on all dance clothing for...

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The day after

Now ain't that a juicy title Well sorry to disappoint. But I'm referring to the day after the show. For me the work is still going on. First of all, even if I just altered all my costumes to fit my new body shape (didnt alter them for over one year), and I think they...

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Show in Helsingborg & Malmo tonight

Belly dance Shows in Helsingborg and Malmo It's only afternoon and I'm are already preparing for the evening shows. The music is stored, belly dance costumes are selected, my hair will get curled and makeup will be done. Took a break and collected a package from...

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This is my diet

Selina how do you loose weight? It is a question I often receive. Probably because weight gain is seen much when showing the belly as much as I do as a belly dancer. But also because I move up and down in weight a lot. The truth is simply that I love food and I'm an...

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From a chilly Malmö

Thinking about doing a new photoshoot I had a hard drive with pictures of all my shoots since I started belly dancing. Unfortunately, it's has been lost for a long time and I do not think I will get it back. So now when I'm home in a windy Malmö where I have more time...

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Dark purple belly dance costume

Do you want to buy a belly dance costume Sign up to my VIP-list   Those who are on the list will get info on all dance clothing for sale before releasing information online and therefore priority in line. In the e-mails you will receive detailed information about...

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I have had the pleasure of inviting Selina Sevil two times to Layali Oriental Dance Academy in Stockholm to hold workshops and perform. It was really a stroke of luck! Selina is both a great performer and a phenomenal educator, a combination that is not so common. Both the participants and the audience was lyrical, and we are many who hope she will be back soon !
Ann Larsson
Professional belly dancer, teacher in oriental dance & owner of Layali dance school / Layali Orientaliska Dansakademi
We booked Selina to a 50-year celebration. The show was of international standard and we got highly praised by our 80 guests who liked our choice of her as an artist! Select Selina due to her professional attitude when booking and above all, how surprised they were by her show, got much more than we thought!
Birgitte Ek
Booked Selina for a 50-year birthday event

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