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Belly dance show

Booking a professional belly dancer is a safe card to raise the mood of your event. With us you can book a belly dancer who performs with a dance show at a wedding, corporate party or other event. You can book a show with oriental dance here on our website. There are several packages to choose from.

show with belly dance

Bachelorette in Malmo

A bachelorette party that fits the whole gang! Everyone can participate since no prior knowledge of belly dancing is required. Everyone can participate regardless of age and the bride to be may be in the center! You can book a bachelorette party with belly dance here on our website. There are several packages to choose from.

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Belly dance classes

We train both beginners in belly dance and professional belly dancers and dance teachers. Teaching is given by Selina is a belly dancer with a solid dance background as an international artist and teacher.

belly dance classes

Belly dance private classes

Do you want to learn how to dance belly dance? Selina offers private lessons for beginners and professional dancers. The advantage of private lessons is that you develop faster and can focus your dance training tailored to your wishes. Take lessons alone or with a couple of friends.


Dance wear

Dance clothes for belly dance and other oriental dance. Here on the website there are dance clothes for performing such as Arabic dance dresses, belly dance costumes, belly nets, dance shoes, kaftans, other dance dresses, Isis wings and dance veils. You will also find dance clothes for workouts such as hip scarves, coin shawls, tops, dance pants, training sets, bodys and workout shoes.

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Dance school

We are a non profit organization in central Malmö. With us you can dance belly dance and other oriental dance, book a belly dancer for events and weddings and shop belly dance clothes.

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Free dance class!

Book a free dance lesson with us at Dansöz – Malmö oriental dance school! See our course schedule and decide which course / date you want to try a dance course. Click the button below. In the “other box” you write what course / date you want to dance. Welcome to dance belly dance at Dansöz!

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Questions & Answers about Oriental dance

Why belly dance?

In addition to belly dancing being incredibly fun, it is useful for the body. Belly dancing can make you more flexible and increase your body control. When you dance at a high tempo, your heart rate increases and you burn calories. Many movements work with muscle groups that are not usually strengthened in everyday life. Because belly dancing is often performed up on your toes, you also get a better balance and better posture.  


How to learn belly dance?

There are many different ways to learn to dance belly dance. Some learn from professional belly dancers they see on the internet or television, others learn at home from their families and many dance at dance schools. The advantage of going to a dance school with professional belly dancers who are trained dance teachers, is that they can help you improve your dance on the spot. We explain to our students which muscle groups they should use and how the steps should be performed so that you do not injure yourself.  


Group classes or private classes?

This is a matter of taste. The group courses are a good alternative for learning new steps and getting inspiration. You can also participate in choreographies and learn how to dance as part of a group. At the end of each semester, our students also get the opportunity to perform with the group choreography on stage. Private courses are good for those who want a tailor-made training. Where you and your dance teacher set up times and themes for the training based on your wishes. Many people feel that they develop faster on private lessons.  


How old should you be to belly dance?

There is no maximum age to learn how to dance belly dance. At Dansöz we usually have had both children’s courses and 55+ courses in belly dance (dance for women who are 55 years or older). The dance form contains different styles and can be danced at different tempos which makes it suitable for all ages. Currently, we have no belly dance courses for specific ages. Most who dance with us are between 15-65 years old.  


How to dress for a belly dance class?

This may vary slightly depending on which style of belly dance you will dance. But generally for a beginner’s course, a couple of nice pants and a comfortable top and something to tie around the hips is usually the most common. We dance barefoot unless otherwise stated in the course description. It is important for the teacher to see how you move your knees. So avoid long skirts that cover the legs completely. We also sell workout clothes and hip shawls in the web shop and on our courses.  


What is the difference between belly dance and oriental dance?

The expressions can be confusing. Belly dance is really slang and the correct term is oriental dance. Oriental dance is also a collective name for oriental dances that includes Arabic dance and folk dances, but also Persian dance, Turkish dance and Indian dance like Bollywood.


How long time does it take to learn how to belly dance?

This is a very individual matter. First you have to ask yourself the question at what level you intend to dance. To learn a small repertoire of delicious basic steps that you can use at a wedding and party where you as a guest dance with other guests, you can already learn the basic course. If you want to perform, the requirements of the belly dancer’s experience differ greatly based on where and for whom you will perform. Would you like to dance on an open stage at the Malmö Festival or on stage for a fee at a five star hotel in Dubai? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We train both professional belly dancers and dance teachers.


Can men belly dance?

Sure they can! Is it socially accepted in all countries in the Middle East – No. We encourage anyone who wants to learn to dance belly dance. In fact, many of the world’s most famous dancers and dance teachers in Oriental dance are men. Our group courses are only aimed at women. If you are a man and want to learn how to dance belly dance, you are welcome to book a private lesson. Do you have more questions about oriental dance? Contact us, we would love to help!