Book belly dance

Book belly dance with the professional belly dancer Selina! Choose between the four shows below. Note that travel costs will be added. Read more in the terms and conditions below.


Mini dance show

Can be booked in Malmo


10 minute show Perfect for small events Suitable for a small audience Belly dance with veil Classic belly dance Belly dance to drum solo


Classic dance show

Can be booked in Skane and Copenhagen


20 minute show Perfect for birthdays Show with dance wings Classic belly dance Drum solo dance Dance with the guest of honor


Deluxe dance show

Can be booked 2 hours from Malmo


40 minute show Can be divided in two sets Max 60 min break Perfect for weddings Oriental dance with fire Several belly dance styles Arabic dance with the audience Explosive drum solo


Gala dance show

Can be booked in Scandinavia


Several sets same night New costume for each set Tailored program Suitable for larger events Oriental dance with fire Several belly dance styles Belly dance with the audience Explosive drum solo


Book belly dance for a party

Book exceptional belly dance

To book belly dance for your event is to pamper your guests with something special. Bellydance has for thousands of years brought joy to events worldwide. A performance by a professional belly dancer in the art form oriental dance is dynamic, elegant and family friendly. Choice of music, dance routine and costume can be varied so that the belly dance show suits you. Selina is one of the leading belly dancers in Sweden. She has more than 10 years of experience in performing with belly dance. As a belly dancer represented by the Middle East’s top agencies for artists she performs regularly at five -star hotels in countries as; Iraq, UAE, Oman, Lebanon and Tunisia with renowned Arab singers & musicians. She has performed for presidents in the Middle East and royals from Sweden and Dubai – she has even performed in China!

Thousand and One Nights

Belly dance magic

Oriental tunes are played at the venue, the lights are low. Guests are turning in their chairs of expectation and looking around the room. A door opens. There stands a beautiful woman with long hair, in a costume shimmering of crystals and sequins with a smile on her face. The minutes that follows the audience will experience a magical belly dance show. With sheer fabrics, quick pirouettes and soft belly rolls the belly dancer takes over the center of the room. The  belly dancer amazes the audience, the guests are smiling with fascination. The guests applaud and the party atmosphere spreads. The oriental music plays in waves of mysterious tones to powerful rapid drumbeats, as the belly dancer follows along with her hips. The tempo of the music and the enthusiasm of the guests increases during the belly dancing show’s finale. After a dramatic finish the belly dancer leaves the floor. She leaves behind a happy audience full of energy. This is the magic a belly dancer can spread.

Belly dance at your restaurant

Attract new guests

Are you looking for entertainment in the form of belly dance for your restaurant, hookah cafe or club parties. To book a belly dance on multiple dates (for example, a restaurant with belly dance show every Saturday) Selina will provide a discount. The discount depends on the number of dates and set up. Note that this only applies when all of the dates are given in advance and a written contract is signed. Please inform Selina if you enjoy music and dance style from a particular country (as Turkish music at a Turkish restaurant and Iraqi music at an Iraqi organizations celebration). Contact Selina at 0704-531090 for questions. Reservations are made at a meeting, preferably at your event space. Then a contract is written. You will get access to Selina’s high-resolution images in digital format that you can use for any marketing. Selina also shares your marketing via her social media that reaches out to +200.000 persons.

Iraqi party





Maxi Rosengård




Follow belly dancer Selina Sevil at instagram. On Instagram you can see more of her shows

Terms for booking belly dance


It is appreciated if you free as much space as possible. The more space a belly dancer have the more movements she can  make, which makes a better show. Make sure the floor of the dance space is clean, loose carpets are removed and the guests are seated.

Travel cost

Selina is based in Malmö, but performs all parts of Sweden and in other countries. If you are located more two hours from Selina she only offers the “Gala show” and if needed the cost for hotel will be added to the price in addition to the price of the show and the cost of traveling.

Outside of Malmoe

Selina is based in Malmö, but performs all parts of Sweden and in other countries. If you are located more two hours from Selina she only offers the “Gala show” and if needed the cost for hotel will be added to the price in addition to the price of the show and the cost of traveling.

Before the show

The belly dancer arrives shortly before the show, normally 10-15 min before. She needs a room, preferably with a mirror, where she can change on and safely store her things. If she will dance multiple shows a chair and a glas of water is appreciated.


If there is no possibility for Selina to travel back to Malmo directly after the show accommodation will be added to the price. Example: Selina performs at your event in Falun. Last belly dance show is at 00:30 to 01:30. There are no trains or flights to Malmo until the next day 11:30. Solution: You book a room at a hostel or hotel for Selina where she spends the night and travel the next morning.


You can pay by invoice before the show pr cash on the spot. All prices include VAT and exclude any travel costs. If there is an agreement to pay before by invoice or at the show and this is not done the invoice will be sent to swedish debt collectors: Inkasso.

Film & Photo

It’s okay to both photograph and film. If any media will attend the show the belly dancer wants to be informed about this in advance and where the material will be published. Feel free to email your own material from the show afterwards, as appreciation you will receive a discount the next time you book belly dance with Selina.


You may cancel your reservation without penalty up until 21 days before the booking date. For later cancellations you will be charged full price. This is the reason that most wish to book on the same days and times and then it remains very little time to plan a new booking and working time of that day is lost.


Tipping is a common way to show appreciation for a belly dancer and is welcome during the show if given in a respectful manner. Respectful manner includes the traditional “money shower”, a method used in the Middle East where the bills are thrown over the belly dancer during the dance, bills that are gently inserted into the belly dancers belt at the hip, or shoulder strap on the shoulder. At parties where the guest of honor is surprised with belly dancing many prepare notes that it she/he will use to tip with. Tips can also be given to the belly dancer after the show.