Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party with the professional belly dancer Selina. A fun activity for the whole group. Choose between the four packages below and book online. You will find more detailed information about the packages and terms for booking lower down on this page.

bachelorette party

Silver package

Can be booked in Malmo


Max five participants 45-minutes class Dance studio in Malmö C No previous dance experience needed

bachelorette-belly dance

Bachelorette Gold

Can be booked in Skåne & Copenhagen


Max 10 participants
60 minutes dance class
Hips scarves for everyone
Dance studio in central Malmö
No previous dance experience needed


Bachelorette Diamond

Can be booked 2 hours from Malmo


Max 20 participants 60 minutes dance class The bride wears a belly dance costume Dance studio in Malmö C Hip scarves for everyone No previous dance experience needed


Bachelorette Sultan

Can be booked in Scandinavia


Max 30 participants 90 minutes dance class The bride wears a belly dance costume Dance studio in Malmö C Hip scarves for everybody Selina performs for the group No previous dance experience needed


Bachelorette party in Malmo

A bridal shower that fits the whole girl gang – belly dance on bridal shower! The whole group can participate regardless of age and the bride to be will be at the center of attention – a joyful memory. Our dance studio is located in central Malmö. You can easily get to us by train to Triangeln station or bus to Bergsgatan. Selina can also come to you and hold the bridal shower in your home or venue. You can pay with Swish, Bank transfer or PayPal. After the purchase, you can contact Selina via email and plan ahead for the bridal shower. Your dance teacher at the bridal show is Selina, a professional belly dancer with over 15 years of experience teaching and performing with belly dance internationally. Read more about Selina here and see her references here.

Bachelorette party – Silver package

This package is created for a small group of girls (up to 5 participants) who want to dance belly dance on a bridal shower. The program includes a lesson of belly dance for 45 minutes with a professional belly dancer and dance instructor. Your dance in a dance studio in central Malmö (Bergsgatan 29), a stone’s throw from Triangeln mall. The hall is large and airy with mirrored walls. There is access to a dressing room with shower and kitchenette. The dance lesson contains a fun warming in the belly dance’s characters. You then have to try out several of the belly dance’s basic steps. No previous knowledge required. In conclusion, you make a special dance exercise where the prospective bride gets to the center. After the dance there is room to take some pictures of the group with your dance instructor. The bachelorette class can also be held at your location. If Selina is to comes to you then there will be travel expenses added to the price (taxi from Triangeln to you / return trip). We promise a fun bachelorette party for the whole group that fits the small budget. Price 1000:-

Bridal Shower – The Gold Package

A memorable bridal party for all participants, and not least the future bride. You can be up to 10 participants. Our belly dancer Selina gives you a 60 minute dance lesson in oriental dance. You dance in a dance studio in central Malmö (Bergsgatan 29), a stone’s throw from the Triangeln. The hall is large and airy with mirrored walls. There is access to a dressing room with shower and kitchenette. In the kitchenette you can prepare some snacks and drinks to consume before the lesson (notify in advance if you want to do this). Once in the dance studio, everyone in the group is dressed in delicious hip scarves with noisy coins. After a short warm-up with various belly dance movements you will learn different types of belly dance. There will be a lot of chess, sensual feminine movements and fun exercises. No previous knowledge required. To conclude, the prospective bride is dressed up to a distinguished sultan and secret surprise awaits the whole group. After the dance we take pictures of the group in their delicious outfit so the bride can bring along nice memories of the activity. This package for bachelorette parties can also be held at your venue. If Selina is to come to you then there will be travel expenses (taxi from Triangeln to your turn and return if train if the bridal shower is to be held outside Malmö). Price 1500:-

Bachelorette party – The diamond package

Our most popular package for hen parties where you can be up to 20 participants. Here the bride is dressed in a real belly dance costume! Selina chooses a belly dance costume based on the sizes you specify (can be corrected with safety pins in place). You gather in the dance studio at Bergsgatan 29 (near Triangeln). Selina dresses the bride in a beautiful belly dance outfit in the locker room while the rest of the group in the room next door can tie delicious rattling coin scarves around the hips. In the room there is also a kitchenette if you want to prepare drinks and snacks before the lesson (say in advance so this can be planned in time). The bride makes a “grand entrance” and the bridal shower is moved into the dance hall. Here the dance lesson starts, which will last for 60 minutes. You get a warm-up and a lesson of a number of fun and useful dance steps. There will be shaking, soft stomach rolls and delicious posing. No dance skills are required to participate. We finish with a dance game that will make both the group and the bride burst into laughter – we promise! After we dance belly dance, you can test your new dance poses in some group pictures that the future bride can have as a memory.This package for bachelorette parties can also be held at your venue. If Selina is to come to you then there will be travel expenses (taxi from Triangeln to your turn and return if train if the bridal shower is to be held outside Malmö). Price 2000:-

Sultan package

Give the bride to be a bachelorette party with a wow factor! You can be up to 30 participants. Absolutely best if you do not reveal what is going to happen. Selina meets you in the room at Bergsgatan 29. She will be stage makeup and wear a black coat. You bring the unknowing bride into a hall with subdued lighting decorated with candles. The bride is given an Arabic gold-plated tunic to pull over her clothes and placed in the middle of the room. Two participants fan the bride with large feathers and feed her with grapes. Oriental tones start to sound in the speakers, Selina’s black coat falls to the floor and shows a beautiful belly dance costume. You all get to see one of the country’s leading belly dancers perform with dances she has used on stage in countries like Dubai, Iraq and Tunisia. She dances for the group with sheer fabrics thrown in the air, fast twists, vibrating shakes and gymnastic hair throws. The bride is dressed in the belly dance costume. All participants are dressed in hip shawls. Then follows a 90 minute belly dance lesson where the group learns different dance steps after warming up. No previous knowledge required. We end with a dance game where we make use of the new movements. The bride may be at the center and you will burst out laughing more than once. Oriental dance at a bridal shower usually leads to a lot of laughter and pace can be adjusted to your wishes. After the belly dance you can take group pictures in the beautiful dance clothes. If you want to mingle for a while then there is a kitchenette and an easier lounge area where you can prepare drinks and snacks. The bachelorette party can also be held at your location, (travel allowance of taxi or train will be added to the price). You can also let the bride keep her belly dance costume as a memory at a cost. A fun bachelorette party you will never forget. Price 4900:-

Terms for bachelorette party


If the bachelorette party will be at your venue. Free up as much space as possible. A good dance surface means that the belly dancer can make use of more movements and contributes to a more varied dance lesson. Turn down the lighting slightly in the room. Clean and sweep the dance surface if drinks are spilled, broken glass or if there have been dancing with shoes when there is wet weather outside. Also place a glass of water beside the stage / dance floor.

Travel cost

If the bachelorette party is to be held at your venue. Selina travels by taxi within the city of Malmö, and outside Malmö by train, bus and flight if the distance requires it. In Malmö C the cost is by taxi from 59kr (can vary depending on time and distance). You can also choose to pick up / leave Selina in Malmö C in your own car if you, for example, have guests who still have to drive past that area. If Selina is picked up & left, no travel cost will be charged.

Outside Malmo

You can book belly dance with Selina throughout Sweden & Scandinavia. Depending on how far from Malmö you are (if the bachelorette party is to be held at your venue), the different packages are available for booking. Contact us for more information about this.


If the bachelorette party is to be held at your venue. The belly dancer arrives shortly before the han party starts, usually 10-15 minutes before. She then needs a room, preferably with a mirror, where she can change and safely store things.


If the bachelorette party will be held at your location. If there is no possibility for Selina to travel back to Malmö immediately after the bachelorette party, then accommodation costs will be added to the price. Example: Selina performs at your event in Falun. The last belly dance show is 00.30-01.30. There are no trains or flights to Malmö until next day 11.30. Solution: You book a room in a hostel or hotel to Selina where she spends the night and travels the next morning.


Payment is made in cash on site before the bachelorette party, via Swish, or deposit on bg in advance. All prices are inclusive of VAT and are exclusive of travel expenses and any accommodation costs. If payment is not made according to agreement, the matter is handed over to the Debt Collection.

Film & Photo

It is okay to both photograph and film. If the media is to attend, the belly dancer wants to be informed about this in advance and also where the material will be published. You are welcome to email us your material from the bridal shower afterwards. As an estimate when we receive fine material sent to us, you will receive a discount the next time you book belly dance with us.


You can cancel without charge until 14 days before the booking date. In case of later cancellations you will be charged full price. Since it remains very little time to be able to plan a new booking and the job of the belly dancer is lost.

To tip

Tipping is a common way to show appreciation for a belly dancer and it is gladly received during the bridal shower if it is given in a respectful manner. For example, traditional “money shower”, a method from the Middle East where the banknotes are thrown over the belly dancer during the dance. At parties where the guest of honor is surprised with belly dance, many people usually prepare bills that they can tip with. Tips can also be handed over when the show is over.



What should you wear when dancing belly dance on a bridal shower?

You can choose to wear simple workout clothes or dress up oriental. style A simple workout outfit for belly dancing is leggings and a top, barefoot and a hip scarf. In our webshop you can find more fun outfits. They can be ordered for the whole group and are available at the bachelorette party.


What kind of belly dance costume will the bride to be borrow?

Selina has many belly dance costumes. She usually brings one of her own luxurious belly dance costumes. If the sizes differ, this can be fixed with safety pins. You can specify what type of belly dance costume you want. Selina has both daring and more conservative belly dance costumes.


Can you dance belly dance no matter how old you are?

Absolutely! At our dance school we have students who are children and senior citizens. Everyone can dance belly dance!


Can guys join and dance belly dance at the bridal shower?

Yesl. In fact, some of the Middle East’s top teachers in Oriental dance are men.


When should we book our oriental dance lesson for our bridal shower?

Please book as soon as you can to secure the date. Then Selina can book a dance studio the day and time you want without the risk of it being not available. You can cancel up to 14 days before the date of the bridal shower.


How do we book a bridal shower with you?

You book your bridal show online here on the website. Then you and Selina can email each other and decide all the details.


Can you just book a bridal shower in Malmö?

You can book a bridal shower with Selina throughout Sweden and Denmark. But note that some packages are only available in Malmö.


Can we film the dance at the bridal shower?

Feel free to photograph and film at the bridal shower. The dance studio is bright and nice. It usually becomes memorable pictures!