Schedule for belly dance classes

Schedule for belly dance classes

Now we have the new schedule for courses in belly dance! There will be three workshops before the first semester of dance courses in 2020.

We will have a workshop in December, One in January and one in February.

The themes for the upcoming workshops and the semester courses in belly dancing have not been set yet. If you have any wishes, please feel free to email them to us.

The goal is to create workshops and courses to suit all members of the association. That is, we will have courses at different levels in different styles.

Warm welcome and dance with me at Dansöz!

/ Selina

Free lesson in oriental belly dance, show & bazaar

Free lesson in oriental belly dance, show & bazaar

Sign up for Open House and get a free lesson in belly dance, see our bazaar with dance clothing and a show with our dance teacher Selina. Sign up by clicking on the image below and go to check out (free of charge). Limited number of spots.

  • Lesson in oriental belly dance
  • Oriental bazaar with dance clothes
  • Show with our teacher Selina
  • 12 August 16.30-18.00
  • Norra Skolgatan 10B, 3 vån, Sal 9

Welcome to our open house! All participants will be offered a discount on upcoming courses if they wish to register. This event is for girls only. We dance in a private studio. We dance barefoot in comfortable clothes (tank top and leggings works fine).

How old should you be to belly dance

How old should you be to belly dance

People ask us what ages our courses are for. We welcome dancers of all ages. On the picture we see one of Selina’s youngest students Nathea. Our oldest student was a 84-year-old woman who learned to roll on her stomach and shake her hips.

Dance is a useful form of training and we are all welcome. Most students are between 18-50 years old. We have no clean children’s courses but if your daughter can dance with adults she is warmly welcome. It is also common for mother and daughter to dance together with us!

Do you also want to learn Oriental Dance by our teacher Selina? Book a free place at our Open House in Malmö 21/1. Subscribe to the form on the website

Dance belly dance free 21 Jan 2018

Finally – Open House 21/1 2018!

Bring your girlfriends and come and dance for free! We have 35 spots. Register by emailing us your name to at No previous knowledge required! Welcome to shake our spring time at Dansöz in Malmö! The offer of spring courses will be given to all participants! Note: only for girls!