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Our classes in oriental dance

Our classes in oriental dance

Hello girls!

A new semester awaits with courses in oriental dance at Dansöz. Since several of you wanted to dance more than one day a week, there will be two course days a week this semester. This means a total of six different courses in Oriental dance. I have tried to mix different styles and levels so that all members can get as much of the schedule as possible.

A course I really recommend is “Beginner Plus”. This course is aimed at those who have already taken a beginner’s course or even several courses. See this course as a opportunity to intensively train the next level of the basic steps. For example, the basic step “twist” we will train in several different ways than the basic movement. It can be traveling, with different accents and shimmies.

To those of you who are performing or just want to advance with impressive technique, I recommend “Wow factor”. Here I will teach belly dance show technique that one usually does not have time to learn on a 10-week course that includes a choreography. It can be spins, hair tossing or backbends etc.

No matter what you are craving for, I hope that you have not missed our discount since it is actually if I can say it myself, absolutely fantastic. I wish something like this was when I went and took courses in oriental dance. For those of you who missed it, the discount will come here:

1 course in oriental dance 750: –

2 courses in oriental dance 1000: –

3 courses in Oriental dance 1400: –

4 courses in Oriental dance 1800: –

5 courses in Oriental dance 2000: –

We have extended each lesson by 10 minutes and put a break between each lesson so the groups do not interfere with each other. Another novelty for the next semester is that we have got a new floor in the dance hall!

Really looking forward to meeting you all and starting these courses. If you can’t wait until February then you can register for my workshop in oriental dance with veil on January 28th.

Here is a link to all our courses in oriental dance.

New years resolution 2017 – belly dance more

New years resolution 2017 – belly dance more

We often feel that the time is not enough. But 4% of a day is not really a lot of time to dodge having some fun as doing something that makes you feel good.

Some days it feels difficult to pack your exercise clothes and get to your dance class. It’s right then when it’s important to get yourself together and head to the dance school.

Once you are there and hear the music you are filled with energy. And afterwards you know how good your body feels.

Treat yourself to feel good, come and dance with us! The first time is free! Book your free trial of lesson by emailing us at [email protected]

Belly dance competition

Belly dance competition

A small throwback to 2016 year’s championship in oriental dance in Denmark – Danish Open Bellydance! Our teacher Selina was one of the judges and taught several workshops. At DOB, dancers from all of Europe compete.

The competition 2017 was held 10-12 November at Glostrup Hall, Copenhagen. There are always lots of competitions, performances, bazaar & workshops!

You can find more info on their website.

2017 Dansöz did not attend the event but we wished them good luck and sent warm greetings from Morocco

Oriental dance is more then shaking your hips

Oriental dance is more then shaking your hips

Oriental dance is so much more than wearing a two-piece costume and shaking her hips.

Just like Latin American dance includes various dances like samba, salsa and merengue, oriental dance has different styles. Music, clothing and dance moves vary depending on dance style.

On the picture below you will see our dance teacher Selina in an Arab dress used for oriental dance from the Gulf. In this dance the focus is mainly on hands, head, hair and footwork. Beautiful dresses like this you can find in our online shop.

We have courses in several Oriental dance styles. Come and try our courses in Malmo C. The first lesson is free and soon we will release the spring schedule and discounts. Follow us on instagram to not miss our news. Our courses are for girls only. We dance in rooms with only girls and welcome girls wearing hijab to dance in a safe environment with us. Welcome!