Oriental dance party

Belly dance hafla!

NOTE: The date is changed. We will due to covid-19 not have the event on 16/1. Already purchased tickets will be valid for the new date. New date will be written here soon. At the end of each semester, we arrange a graduation party with belly dancing where all students can perform.

This semester it will be a girls party so invite mom, daughter, sister and girl friends!

When: Saturday 16 January 18.00
Where: Norra Skolgatan 10B, floor 1 in Tea / Barbro
Advance ticket: Purchased on the website for SEK 40
Admission on site: Swish, SEK 60 on site.
Bring: Everyone brings something to the coffee table (read below)

The event is for girls only. Filming and photography is not allowed. The purpose of our hafla is to spread oriental dance by giving dancers a safe and cozy environment to perform in.


Do you like oriental dance?

If you are a girl and like oriental dance, you are welcome to our event as a guest. You are also welcome to perform your own dance (more on this below). Students and teachers who dance belly dance at other dance schools are also welcome to participate and perform. We usually have guest dancers at all levels. From beginner students to professional belly dancers from Sweden and Denmark. This party is for girls only. This is because many of our students do not dance in front of men. And we want to encourage everyone to develop and perform with their dances.



17.00 Preparations

Helpers arrive at venue

18.00 Start

Doors open for guests

18.30 Fashion show

Party dresses from Jolie Bridal

19.00 Dance show

With students and other dancers

20.00 Dance class

Selina teaches dance to violin
Live on violin: Katja Spitsyna

20.30 Dance competition

Shimmy competition with prices
Sign up at the event.

20.45 Fest

Open dance floor with arabic music.
Bazaar with oriental clothing.
Henna tattoo with Celeste.

23.00 End

Want to perform on our hafla?

Everyone can perform at the belly dance hafla. Contact Selina if you would like to perform. Your song can be a maximum of three minutes. The song should be sent to info@selinasevil.se in mp3 format. Also send a description of your performance. If someone else choreographed your dance, we want you to mention it in the description. Dancers who will perform will arrive at the venue one hour before the hafla begins. Then they can try the stage (sign up in advance) and change in the dressing rooms. Performers buy the same tickets here on the website.


Dance lesson

Selina will hold a free dance lesson at the party. The theme is belly dancing to the violin. For this lesson we will have live music by the fantastic musician Katja Sptitzyna. Take the chance to dance to real live music. Lesson is voluntary to participate in. No pre-registration required.



We have a big bar that we fill with sweets, which everyone can enjoy at no cost. All participants bring something to the table. It can be cookies, sweets or fruit. The organizers arrange glasses, plates, coffee and lemonade.


Henna for charity

During the evening we will have the henna artist Celeste on site. She will draw beautiful henna paintings on those who want. You choose what you want to pay for your henna painting. All proceeds from the henna painting will go in full to charity in Palestine. This can not be booked in advance but only on site if time permits. Take the opportunity to make a beautiful henna painting and donate to charity at the same time. All donations are significant. Big and small.


Mingle and open dance floor

After all the performances and the small dance class you can dance at the open dance floor. Take the chance and try the dance steps you learned during the semester!


Bazaar with dance clothes

Selina’s Bazaar will fill a small table with delicious dance clothes. Take the chance to try and feel the items that are otherwise only seen online. We will not accept outside vendors this time since we are limited with space.