Oriental dance hafla

Our hafla with belly dance!

At the end of each semester we arrange at least one show. Each semester a belly dance hafla is held where all students can perform. Everyone invites friends and family. We have a bazaar with dance clothes and an open dance floor. A nice event which purpose is to spread oriental dance. And give everyone the opportunity to perform. Our belly dance hafla is arranged together with another dance company called Fireflow.

Students and teachers who dance belly dance at other dance schools are welcome to attend. We have belly dancers from other parts of Sweden and Denmark who participate in the hafla. Dansöz also organizes dance parties on its own for girls only. This is because many of our students do not dance in front of men. And we want to encourage everyone to develop and perform with their dances.

Next belly dance hafla

The next hafla with belly dance in Malmö is Saturday December 14 at 16.00-19.00. The address is Tea, Café Barbro, Ungdomens Hus, Norra Skolgatan 10 B Malmö. The same house as Dansöz holds its weekly belly dance courses.

Want to perform on our hafla?

Everyone can perform at the belly dance hafla. Contact Selina if you would like to perform. Your song can be a maximum of three minutes. The song should be sent to [email protected] in mp3 format. Also send a description of your performance. If someone else choreographed your dance, we want you to mention it in the description. Dancers who will perform will arrive at the venue one hour before the hafla begins. Then they can try the stage (sign up in advance) and change in the dressing rooms. If you perform, the entrance fee to the hafla is 30: – This is paid at the door as soon as you arrive at the hafla.


We have a big bar that we fill with sweets, which everyone can enjoy at no cost. All participants bring something to the table. It can be cookies, sweets or fruit. The organizers arrange coffee and lemonade.

Mingle and open dance floor

Between the acts and after all the performances you can dance at the open dance floor. The music is played by DJ or live by our musicians. Everyone can dance here before the next performance begins. Take the chance and try the dance steps you learned during the semester!

Bazaar with dance clothes

Selina’s Bazaar and Fireflow fills tables with delicious dance clothes. Take the chance to try and feel the items that are otherwise only seen online. We also welcome other vendors to rent a table and sell their dance clothes at a small cost. The cost is 50 SEK per table and each vendor can have a maximum of two tables. For those who may only have 1-2 things to sell privately, there will be a buy-or-change table, free of charge.

Entrance to our belly dance hafla

Entry to our Hafla is SEK 70 and paid at the door with Swish. If you only have cash, feel free to bring even money with you. Entry for performing dancers is SEK 30  is and paid with Swish when you arrive one hour before the hafla starts. If you only have cash then bring even money. Dancers from Denmark can pay with cash in Danish kronor. Only even money.

Workshops at the hafla

Both Selina Sevil and Annah of Sweden Raqs have workshops the day after the hafla. Sundag 15 december.
11.30-13.30 Annah’s workshop “Annah’s Jewel Box
14.00-16.00 Selinas workshop “Dance with veil