Picture gallery

Pictures from Selina’s dance career

Below you will find a picture gallery with pictures of belly dancer Selina. Her favorite images are from shoots in Dubai. Where she previously lived and performed. Selina has been the model for several brands that designs belly dance costumes. She loves being in front of the camera. And often takes new pictures for their marketing. Below are also pictures from several studio shoots in Malmö. Pictures from oriental events, shows around the world and newspaper articles.

This photo gallery is copyright protected

The images are copyright protected. They may not be copied. Selina’s pictures can be used in your advertising when you book her. If you organize an event and book Selina. Only then can you select images of the material below. Most images are available in high resolution and in larger sizes. Email Selina after booking so you can together choose a picture for your event.

Pictures from your event

Did Selina perform with oriental dance at your event? Was she photographed by your photographer? Selina welcomes you to send her your photos. Feel free to email info@selinasevil.se. She would like to show them in this photo gallery. It is not always easy to get pictures from live shows. So Selina will be really grateful if you submit the pictures. As a thank you, you will receive a discount on your next booking.

Selina’s photo galleries

Selina has over 66,000 followers on instagram at the time of writing. 43,000 followers on TikTok. A total of 40,000 followers on Facebook. And 15,000 followers on YouTube. People appreciate her pictures and videos. So check out her material on social media. You might also like it. See Selina’s photo gallery on Instagram. You can also check out Selina’s video gallery.

Are you a photographer?

Right now, Selina is looking for a collaboration with a photographer. Who can take pictures of her in the summer of 2020. The pictures will be displayed in this picture gallery as well as on social media. Contact Selina with your portfolio.