Private classes

Take private belly dance classes

For you who want to set your own schedule, perhaps in addition to weekly training sessions. Private lessons are suitable for oriental dancers of all levels. From beginner to advanced level. Selina will tailor your individual lessons to your preference. It can be basic technique or a choreography that you will compete with. Click on the pictures to read more. Buy a course by adding it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay with Swish, Bank Transfer or PayPal. When you are done with the purchase, you can contact Selina via email and plan for the lessons.

Oriental dance classes

A good alternative to weekly classes. If you want to learn belly dancing then private lessons is a good alternative. Most people learn more at private classes than regular classes. Therefore, they are good for those who want to develop much in a short time. Since the private lessons are tailored to your wishes, you will learn exactly what you want. You get plenty of time to ask questions.

Are private classes for beginners?

A good foundation is important when learning to dance belly dance. Therefore, it is good for a dance instructor to focus on you doing the steps correctly. From the beginning, having the right posture and being able to get answers to all questions makes it easier for you to develop.

Why is it good for me who competes?

For those of you who are competing in oriental dance, it is important to take private lessons. Here you get plenty of feedback to develop. Selina has been a judge in several international championships and has trained many belly dancers before competitions.

Other benefits of private lessons

Private lessons are perfect for those who want to be more flexible with their dance training. You may not be able to attend a course every week due to working hours or other factors. When you take lessons from Selina, you set up times together. They can vary from week to week. Just according to your wishes. Selina can usually give private lessons on weekdays after 16.00 and also on weekends

How long the lessons last.

You can use your bellydance lessons 12 months from the date of purchase. If you buy a pack of belly dancing lessons you will receive a card from Selina. The card has boxes that you tick each time you have a lesson. That way, it’s easy for both of you to remember how many lessons you have left.

How should I dress for the private lessons?

If you are a beginner or practicing dance that you will not perform with, you can wear regular training clothes for dancing. If you do not have dance clothes for dance you can buy them here. Our shop also has hip scarfs and dance shoes. If you are training for a performance, you are welcome to bring your belly dance costume. It is important to train in the clothes you will be performing in.

Take private lessons in oriental dance with a friend

You can take private lessons with a friend. Or two. Selina has ready packages of lessons for you who want to dance together. If you take lessons together you get a discount.

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