Fan veils

Fans for oriental dance
Our fanveils are hand dyed in 100% silk. We have lots of different color combinations. Choosing a multi-color fanveil is good for you to match it with multiple belly dance costumes. The lightweight fabric makes it easy to “shimmy” them. The length is standard. The fans are in untreated wood.
Learn to dance with fanveils
The most common problem dancers encounter when they start dancing with fans is to hold them correctly. This may need some training. After a while you will be able to open and close them effortlessly. Be sure to place your fingers correct when you hold them. Especially the pinky finger. A tip is to start dancing with them closed. Until you can effortlessly hold them with a proper grip.
History of fan veils
Fans are fairly new props for belly dancers. Fan dance is originally from China. Where most of the fans are also manufactured. In recent years, belly dancers have started using these fans with short and long silk veils. They are most often used when the belly dancers enter the stage. But you can also dance entire songs with them.
How to use fan veils?
You can dance with them open or closed. They can only be opened in one direction, so be careful when opening them. They are sold in pairs. The fans are made to be held in the right or left hand. You can dance with one or two. Keep them in a bag to protect the thin fabric in your handbag.



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