Membership at Dansöz
Join the Dansöz association
Dansöz is a non-profit association. Our dance courses and dance events are for our members. Become a member to dance with us. Membership costs SEK 50 per calendar year (from January to December). If you want to be a member in the coming year, you can buy a new membership when the year has started.
What is Dansöz?
Dansöz was created to spread Oriental dance culture. The association’s focus started with Turkish dance. But quickly grew to include Arabic and other oriental dances. The association is religiously and politically independent. Over the years, the association has worked extensively with charity. Women’s rights, events for refugees, fundraisers for children and the sick, etc.
Rules & information
As a member, you agree to follow the terms & well-being rules that are listed further down the belly dance classes page. Personal data is only processed by us. And is only visible by the leisure administration at the City of Malmö and our collaborative partner Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan. We do not share your information with others who use it to send advertising.
When you sign up, you receive our newsletter. It is an email that comes sporadically when something new happens at Dansöz. Maybe we have a sale on dance clothes or a dance event to tell you about. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.



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