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Dance wear

Selina’s Bazaar, Dance wear from the orient


Hip scarfs

Coin shawls (shawls with coins), shawls with sequins and pearls. Hip scarves are important dance clothes when practicing oriental dance. The dance shawl marks the hips and the hip movements. It is easier for you who are training to see your dance moves. If the hip scarf has coins, you can also hear it when you shake. Combine with optional dance clothes. The hip scarf should be worn hanging on the hip. Tie it on the side or front. The scarf can be simple without decorations. Usually they have either coins or sequins. A decorated scarf can be stored it in a bag in your exercise bag so it doesn’t get tangled up with anything else.

Coverups & Kaftans

Dance clothes to wear over belly dance costumes between shows or for folklore. Coverups is a name for the dance clothes that you wear over your belly dance costume between performances. Coverups can consist of various dance clothes such as coats, tunics, shawls and abayas. The name comes from the English “to cover”. Belly dancers also have abaya as a coverup over their dance costume. To be able to easily hide while waiting to go on stage or between shows. For this purpose, an abaya with a button on the front is preferred. Oriental dancers use traditional dresses called abaya for performances of oriental folk dances.

Dance shoes

Dance shoes with and without heel for dance training of oriental dances. We offer dance shoes with and without heels. Our soft dance shoes are perfect for dance training. They have a thin cushion for support under the front part of the foot. Some of our soft dance shoes also have support under the heel. Perfect if you are going to perform on outdoors stages or a cold floor. Belly dancing in Egypt is often danced barefoot. But in the Arabian Gulf, Lebanon and Turkey, the belly dancers almost always dance with shoes that have heels. A shoe with a high heel gives you better posture and protects your feet. With us you will find both new dance shoes and used dance shoes from Selina’s dance wardrobe and student shows. Take the opportunity to find a bargain!

Belly dance costumes

Dance costumes for students and professional dancers. Our belly dance costumes comes from different designers in Middle East, Asia and Europe. We also offer used dance costumes from Selina’s own dance wardrobe and dance school. When you buy a dance clothes, and specifically a belly dance costume, it can be messy with sizes. Therefore, each dance costume is described with measurements. Feel free to use a tape measure and measure yourself to know that the dance costume fits you. Costumes often have hooks on bra and belt that you can change the position of to get an exact fit. A beautiful belly dance costume makes you shine on stage!

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Dance clothes

Training clothes for belly dancing and other oriental dancing. Tops, trousers, unitards and belly nets. Here you will find dance clothes for training and shows. Our sets of pants, top and hip scarf are perfect for you practicing belly dancing. You get all in one. It matches nicely and stays in place when you move. The belly nets can be worn under a dance costume or with your workout clothes. The belly nets ends under the bust. They are usually sold with removable shoulder straps.


Hand-dyed veils in 100% silk. A veil in silk moves majestically through the air. Perfect for creating beautiful shapes and framing your dance. If you intend to use a veil a whole song then this is the veil for you. The light weight of the silk veil allows you to perform the most advanced movements with veil. Choose a veil in the same color as your dance costume or a color that creates a delicious contrast. A silk veil can be wrinkled. It often straightens itself if you hang it. They should preferably be washed by hand and without rinse aid. The silk comes from Asia. The veil is colored by hand. Therefore, especially multi-colored veils always differ slightly from each other.


Hand-dyed veils in 100% silk. Fanveils are a fairly new props belly dancers. Fan dance is originally from China. Where most of the fans are also manufactured. In recent years, belly dancers have started using these fans with short and long silk veils. You can match your fanveils with your dance clothes. You can dance with them opened or closed. They can only be opened in one direction, so care should be taken when opening them. They are sold in pairs. The fan veils are made to be held in the right or left hand.


Skirts in beautiful fabrics for oriental dance. Skirts for belly dance costumes and dance training. Changing a skirt for a belly dance costume can give the costume a whole new look. Our skirts are in classic models in satin and chiffon. Match your skirt to your dance clothes. The skirts can be without slits, have one slit or two slits. You can easily regulate a slit with a safety pin. The sizes are One size with elastic band at the top so it can fit several hip sizes. If a skirt is too long you can easily make it shorter without sewing. Just roll the elastic and wear a belly dance belt over. The skirts can be machine washed.

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Wings and accessories for oriental dance. Wings are beautiful dance props. They are usually made in metallic fabrics but are also available in silk and chiffon. Dance wings can have open and closed backsides. The wings have metal sticks that are inserted into a notch. The sticks we sell are extendable so you can easily pack them in your bag on the way to dance training or performance. Isis wings are a fairly new dance prop. But despite that, it is used by belly dancers all around the world. You can match them with the same color as your dance clothes. Isis wings are used mainly when the belly dancers enter. But it is not uncommon to see belly dancers dancing entire songs with wings.

Dance veils

Veils in chiffon for oriental dance. A veil in chiffon is a classic dance prop. The veil is mainly used by belly dancers when they enter the stage. It frames the dancer and it is visible from a long distance which is an advantage if you have a large audience and want to be seen from a distance. A chiffon veil has more weight than a silk veil. You can use the veil by dressing in “wraps”. You can hold it in your hands and create beautiful shapes in the air. If you are dancing with a shamadan (chandelier on the head) then this is a perfect veil to have under the chandelier to protect the hair from the candles. A classic chiffon veil is a must dance wardrobe!


Private classes are a good choice for those who want to develop in oriental dance. Here Selina can tailor the dance classes to your wishes. Together you go through what you want to learn and at what pace. It can be basic steps for you as a beginner or a tailor-made dance for you who want to perform or compete. Selina also trains dancers who want to learn to teach. Private lessons can be given to a dancer or a smaller group of two or three dancers. If you are more dancers then you get a discount. You can buy packages with several dance lessons and get each lesson at a lower cost. The lessons can be used 1 year from the date of purchase.


Dansöz has affordable belly dance classes. We have a qualified instructor who trains dancers internationally. Our courses are for beginners as well as dancers on intermediate level. To take a class with us you must be a member of the Dansöz association. You buy the membership separately below at the same time as your class. At the dance classes we are just girls. We have private studio and our own dressing room. Also check out our “Drop in cards”. At the classes you can dress however you like. Most have simple dance clothes in the form of leggings, a top and a hip scarf. We dance barefoot. You can buy dance clothes for training here on the website and  receive  them on the dance class.


If you need to arrange a bachelorette party for your girlfriend this is for you! Belly dance is a sensual and flirtatious dance. A dance lesson with the girl gang usually leads to many laughs. No dance skills are required to participate. Everyone in the group can participate in the dance lesson. Below are various packages of bachelorette parties. Packages for the small budget with fewer participants. And packages for those who want to add some luxury to the bachelorette party. This includes, for example, that the bride may wear dance clothes in the form of a belly dance costume. The whole group gets to wear hip scarves. Selina can also perform for the group. The bachelorette party can be held in a dance studio in Malmö C or at your venue.


If you want to do something special for your guests then a belly dance show is perfect. Selina offers four shows. Her show is entertainment that suits the whole family. She wears dance clothes from the most famous designers in the Middle East. The more information Selina gets about your event the more she can tailor her show. For example, your guests may be from Lebanon and want Lebanese songs. Or maybe your guests are from Sweden but you know you want calm and harmonious or speedy and exciting music. Selina has performed at everything from palaces in Dubai to small birthday parties in Malmö. So she has the experience of tailoring shows for various events.


Sticks for Isis wings 149:-

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These amazing sticks can be used for all your Isis wings and also silk veils with a hemmed edge. They keep the fabric steady compared to sticks in plastic and wood, are easy to “shimmy the fabric” with and fit easily in your bag on the way to training and performance.

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Dance wear online

Welcome to our little webshop. We are focusing on offering dance clothes. With the main focus on oriental dance clothes at good prices. In our assortment you will find workout clothes for dance such as: pants, tops, belly stockings and bodys. We also have belly dance clothes for performances like belly dance costumes, veils, wings of isis, dance dresses, dance shoes and dance skirts.


Dance clothes in Sweden

Our webshop is located in Sweden, more specifically in Malmö. When you buy from us, Swedish sales laws and recommendations apply. Read more about the Consumer Purchasing Act here. Therefore, you can feel safe when ordering dance clothes from us.


Oriental dance clothes

Our range focuses on oriental dance clothes. But many of our products can be used in other forms of dance and performing arts. Our dance shoes are ideal for Latin dances as salsa. Our sets of belt and bra and our short skirts are suitable for samba. Our veils, fanveils and wings are popular with theater groups and schools with children’s performances. Be creative and find your favorites.


Arabic dance clothes

Our dance clothes are usually in Arabic design. We have beautiful belly dance costumes and caftans are from the Middle East. Other products such as our fanveils and dance shoes are manufactured in China. We also have beautiful dance clothes made in Europe. The sizes often differ between these countries. That’s why we often describe the measurements in detail. So you can be sure that your dance clothes fits you perfectly.


What dance clothes do you need as a beginner?

If you are going to start your first belly dance dance class, the most important garment is a hip scarf. Most people prefer a simple coin scarf. With this scarf you can see and hear your movements. Another important garment is a pair of comfortable pants and a tight top. It is important that the instructor can see how you move your knees and your belly. A pair of soft open toe dancing shoes are also good for dance training. They protect your feet when you start dancing up your toes.


What dance clothes do you need to perform with belly dance?

For belly dance performances, the classic costume is a two-piece belly dance costume. They usually consist of a dance skirt that should sit on the hips and reach the floor. A belt is worn over it. At the top you dress in a matching bra. If you want to cover your stomach, a belly stocking is a good complement.


What dance clothes do you need to perform with oriental folk dances?

Each folk dance has one or more garments traditionally used for the dance. Common folk dances that belly dancers dance for example are saidi, khaliji and iraqi. These dances sometimes also have associated props such as canes and daggers. Ask your dance instructor if you are not sure what type of dance clothes you need. In our descriptions we explain what the different dance clothes are used for.


How to wash dance clothes?

Dance clothes with a lot of decorations can be damaged if you wash them in a machine. In each product description it says how you can clean product. Silk can be hand washed without softner. Belly dance costumes with a lot of decorations like coins and crystals in metal brackets can be weathered or hand washed gently without soaking the decorations in metal. Always wash strong colors separately and do not use bleach on white garments.