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This months offer!

Expandable sticks for Isis wings 149:-

Regular price 249:-

These amazing sticks can be used for all your Isis wings and also silk veils with a hemmed edge. They keep the fabric steady compared to sticks in plastic and wood, are easy to “shake the fabric” with and fit easily in your bag on the way to training and performance.

The offer is valid as long as the item is in stock.

Dance clothing

Belly dance wear for oriental dance training. Tops, pants, unitards and belly stockings.

Dance veils

Veils in chiffon for oriental dance.

Dance skirts

Skirts in chiffon ans sateen for oriental dance.

Hip  scarves

Coin scarves (hip scarves with coins), hip scarves with sequins and beads for oriental dancing.

Belly dance costumes

Belly dance costumes suited for student shows and professional belly dancers.

Dans shoes

Dance shoes with and without heels for practice and performing oriental and latin dance.

Wings of Isis

Wings of Isis and sticks for oriental dance training and performing.

Dance veils

Hand colored veils in 100% silk from Dubai.

Private classes in oriental dance

Package and single classes in belly dance and other oriental dances with Selina Sevil.

Oriental dance classes

Weekly classes, drop in cards, membership and workshops ib belly dance and other oriental dances with Selina Sevil.

Bachelorette party with belly dance

Packages with belly dance classes and shows for bachelorette parties with instructor and belly dance performer Selina Sevil.

Shows with belly dance

Available packages with belly dance shows with the professional belly dancer Selina Sevil.

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