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Selina’s Bazaar offers products for oriental dance. The products are carefully selected so that you can pamper the belly dancer inside you. Behind Selina’s Bazaar’s stands the professional belly dancer Selina. Selina has performed and taught Oriental dance for more than 15 years. Her travels to the Middle East textile markets and souks have led her to find pearls that she wants to share.

“Being a belly dancer is not just about learning to move your body, it’s about knowing the rhythm, understanding music and history. It has taken me years to find the most beautiful and lightest silk and the most suitable products that make me feel good and look good on stage when I perform. This feeling is something I want to share. ” /Selina



In our belly dance shop there are lots of dance clothes. Both for oriental dance and other dance. For oriental dance we have dance clothes such as: hip scarfs, belly dance costumes, silk veils, kaftans, arabic dresses, canes, wings, fanveils, skirts, and other veils. We also have dance clothes that fit other dances such as training sets, pants, tops and dance shoes. Fill your cart with dance clothes! We update our range frequently. Feel free to send us you desired in stock product.



If there is not enough stock in the dance clothes you want to buy, we can order them for you. We are a small business and do not always have a lot of dance clothes of the same model and color at home in stock. But we gladly order home the dance clothes you want. Order time varies. We have several suppliers. Not everyone has the same order time. Email us your desired order. We will then send you a link to a shopping cart with the goods you want to order so you can pay as usual.



See our dance clothes and offers on Instagram: Belly dance school. We include discount codes on instagram which you can enter into your shopping cart here on the website and get a discount. You can also follow our dance teacher Selina on her Instagram: Selina Sevil. She often shares clips where she dances belly dance. Great if you are looking for inspiration. If you would like to learn belly dancing with Selina, but do not live in Malmö, you can take a course online. Selina has a group on Facebook with belly dance courses. They include warm up, technique and choreography.