Shaabi Impro & Technique – 10 weeks start 18/2 19.50-21.00

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Shabi is an Egyptian dance style where belly dance is mixed with cheeky and sometimes unpolished movements to suit popular pop like songs. The technique can be used both at a party and a stage.

At this course you will learn how to define a shaabi song. You will learn several of the most popular songs and how you can move to them, both with belly dance movements and movements that fall completely in the shaabi category. Dance dazzlingly and daring with radiance.

Selina performs only with improvisation and has been the mentor to many professional dancers in their skill of improvising. If this is something you need to practice then this course will help you. The course suits you who have dance skills equal to 2 semesters or more. High tempo is promised! Bringing a water bottle = good idea!

  • Mondays 19.50-21.00, 10 weeks
  • Starting 18 February
  • Norra Skolgatan 10B, 3rd floor, hall 9
  • Teacher Selina
  • Level: intermediate (2 semesters dance training)
  • Price 1000kr, Early bird price: 750kr

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