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It is not easy to find the right belly dancer. It can feel like a jungle of websites. Often with insufficient information. Links that do not work and rogue ads. That is why Selina has references on the website. Below you can read recommendations from students. References from professional belly dancers, bridal couples and organizers of oriental dance festivals. Introduce mystery from the Orient at your next oriental dance event! And make sure you book a qualified belly dancer.

First-class oriental dance

Selina has more than 15 years of professional knowledge from teaching and performing. Not only in Sweden but internationally. She has been performing belly dancing in the Middle East for several years. She is a judge in oriental dance championships. Throughout the year, she has trained many dance teachers. Known for being a fantastic belly dancer and dance instructor.

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I always get inspired watching Selina dance. She makes me want to grow as a dancer. You could fill a book with knowledge of oriental dance based on what she says in class. I have done that for several years. It's clear that Selina's goal for her students is to develop in the best possible way as dancers. Humor, knowledge and humility makes me stay at Dansöz.
Alva Accu
Student at intermediate level / Selinas student since 2010
Selina danced as a surprise elements into our Christmas show at Danne Stråheds loge 2014. Beautiful, humble and super-professional, despite her young age! She dazzled both audience and our ensemble with her superb body control and charisma. Selina is incredibly talented and I can highly recommend her!
I have for a long time followed Selina on her blog and other media to find new inspiration and guidance in belly dancing. So when Selina came to Stockholm in 2014, I was overjoyed and of course went to all of her workshops. As a teacher and dancer she is incredibly innovative, creative and personal. I developed my dance significantly only during these classes and it provided insight into new ways of using props as well as dance steps. Looking forward to taking more classes from Selina in the future!
Asta Karjalainen
Professional belly dancer
Selina is a lovely dancer and entertainer. It was a pleasure to have her as a teacher and performer during Egyptian Fever Festival 2010 in Poland. Students really enjoyed her workshop and the audience was absolutely amazed with her charm. Lovely stage presence, good technique and sweet personality – I can definitely recommend her as a belly dancer, performer and teacher.
Suraiya Ibrahim
International professional performer & teacher, multi award winner, certified choreographer and jury member at international bellydance competitions / Suraiya Dance Academy
We booked Selina to a 50-year celebration. The show was of international standard and we got highly praised by our 80 guests who liked our choice of her as an artist! Select Selina due to her professional attitude when booking and above all, how surprised they were by her show, got much more than we thought!
Birgitte Ek
Booked Selina for a 50-year birthday event
Our wedding had an Arabic theme and we booked a belly dance show as entertainment. Selina performed with a show which our guests probably never will forget. The dances and the music were very varied and the interaction with our DJ worked very well. We can certainly recommend you to book Selina. A more professional belly dancer can't be found in Sweden.
Sarah & Mikael
Booked Selina for their wedding 2013
The board of AAOD, are very happy that Selina came to Aarhus, Denmark for teaching. All participants were very satisfied with the workshops. Selina is a gorgeous dancer and performer, and very professional as a dance instructor. In addition, Selina has got a really lovely and winning personality. All this made the workshops in Aarhus a unique experience and we are all looking forward to welcoming Selina to AAOD again.
Lone Buus, on behalf of AAOD
Aarhus Oriental Dance Association
I have had the pleasure of inviting Selina Sevil two times to Layali Oriental Dance Academy in Stockholm to hold workshops and perform. It was really a stroke of luck! Selina is both a great performer and a phenomenal educator, a combination that is not so common. Both the participants and the audience was lyrical, and we are many who hope she will be back soon !
Ann Larsson
Professional belly dancer, teacher in oriental dance & owner of Layali dance school / Layali Orientaliska Dansakademi
Selina is one of the best dance teachers I've danced for. She is always cheerful and happy and knows exactly how to push me to do my very best at each class. I've taken several private classes and semester courses with her and always walked out with a smile on my face. Can especially recommend the Khaleegy classes, they're awesome!
I meet many oriental dancers. But Selina Sevil belongs to a small group of oriental dancers which whom I chose to expand my dancing skills. With Selina began to work on balancing and calming my dynamic dance. Selina as one of the few dancers, has the graces, feminine charm supported by technical skills. With joy and pleasure I will continue dance lessons from Selina Sevil.
Asia Maciejewska
Professional Belly dancer & Oriental dance teacher / Denmark / Poland
When creating a choreography for me, Selina both listens to my wishes and adds various elements to challenge me, which I really like! Besides, she is good at spotting the little accent you could not catch in the music. I find her courses very inspiring not only from a technical viewpoint, but also from a cultural perspective. She tells interesting stories to put the dance into context. I look forward to each of her classes and I know I will keep on developing quickly with her.
Student at intermediate level and blog writer mybellydancejourney.com - has been taking private courses with Selina since January 2018 / Mybellydancejourney.com
We at VIP - Very Important Persians in collaborations with Lamborghini group have on several occasions booked Selina Sevil to perform at our events at Casino Cosmopol because she is a professional and provides us with an exclusive level of dance that fits our concept and brand. We can highly recomend Selina Sevil as an excellent belly dancer.
Armand Rouhi
CEO / VIP - Very Important Persians
Since I was little, I always loved belly dancing. I moved from Eskilstuna to Malmo in 2008 just because I found Dansöz - the best belly dance school and Selina Sevil - a so incredibly talented and professional belly dancer.The dance trip with Selina and her students to Turkey was a dream for me, a week full of new new experiences and lots of belly dance. I think Selina is very thorough when teaching belly dance. And she makes it so comfortable to dance in a group. I'm so incredibly grateful for those 3 years with Selina filled of laughter, love and dance. With everything I learned and all the nice people I met from the dance. It was the best years of my life!
Belly dancer Stella
Professional belly dancer in Los Angeles